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Experiment to buy only Made in USA

Guest Greg

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Nicole McClelland was to carry out an experiment to buy American made for a week. Everything had to be American. It apparently left her broke and nearly unclothed. Majority of Americans would prefer everything was made in America, unfortunately that's not the case right now. You know it is bad when the Executive Director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing is criticizing American made products. What can be done to help buying made in America a traditional and regular habit for Americans? Manufacturing was once the life of majority of our economy, when can this happen again?


In 1990, when I was in grade school, I watched a union-sponsored commercial in which a mother told her little boy that they would have to move because Dad had lost his job—too many people were buying imports. As union jobs dried up, so did that campaign; now, 14 years into nafta, buying local is hot, but buying American is, at best, a joke (though in August Barack Obama dusted off the sentiment with his "Buy American, Vote Obama" slogan). When I told Scott Paul, executive director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, that I was going to buy only American for a week, he laughed. "I’m very sorry to hear that.


"It’s exceptionally hard, if not impossible, to be 100 percent pure," he explained. "There are just some things you can’t buy. It’s incredibly difficult and depressing."


Complete Story Regarding the Experiment

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Guest chitown-transport

I think it is hard to buy ONLY made in the U.S.A. products but there are certainly a number of everyday items that are produced in the United States.


Just Look People!!!

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