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Al-Qaeda homecoming toYemen!

Guest Adnan

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It is known that Al-Qaeda men were recruited, financed, trained and armed by the CIA in order to fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. At onetime, Osama Bin Laden was leading an American-supported Mujahideen force of 30000 men which had later helped Mullah Omar to take control of Afghanistan. Until 2001, the Taliban's budget was shared equally by the CIA and the Saudi government. Despite the strong ties between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden’s men are considered as the ‘Arabs’ who are foreign to the remote and difficult terrain of the tribal areas. But Yemen and Saudi Arabia are the natural homes of Bin Laden and the majority of his trained followers. Furthermore, Al-Qaeda presence in the Arabian Peninsula is strategically located near the oil supply routes to the world. The Al-Qaeda Chapter in the Arab Peninsula is currently led by Nasser Al-Wihaishi, a Yemeni citizen assisted by Saud Al-Shari of Saudi Arabia. The chapter has started to attract devout members from the Gulf Region, Britain and the USA whose latest recruit was no other than Anwar Al-Awlaki. American and British special-forces are currently drawn to set observation posts and to take part in fighting Al-Qaeda under the cover of training the local security forces. The CIA started to fly frequent drone missions to search and destroy suspected targets. Judging on prior US-UK anti-terror campaigns, many expect the swashbuckling Americans and their stupid allies to fall in Al-Qaeda trap where local conditions will complicate matters for the already hapless government and for the presence of US-UK civilian and military personnel in the entire area. The American intervention will result in making another Somalia out of Yemen.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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