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What Options does Nuri Al-Maliki have?

Guest Adnan

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It is almost eight months since March 7 parliamentary election in Iraq out of which no political party emerged as a winner. The Americans want to reduce the role of the Shiat Arab majority by insisting on sharing power with pro-American minorities; like the Kurds and the former Baathists represented by Ayad Allawi.


By his own admittance, Dr Allawi had been working closely with the CIA, MI-6 and with Saudi intelligence services. While being the first post-Paul Bremer Prime minister, Dr Allawi established a CIA-style Iraqi intelligence services which has been threatening violence or actually carrying out terror attacks in the country in collaboration with the Americans, in order to put pressure on Al-Maliki.


In return, Al-Maliki has been digging in and is trying to rally popular support by appealing to Al-Sadr movement. But the Americans didn't like that and insist on having a troika weak enough to serve their own economic and political designs in Iraq.


Mr Al-Maliki has been left with two options. Either to go along with the Americans and form a government that serves the occupation and fragment Iraq, or come out of the Green Zone to his own people and rally support for an Iraq that is democratic, united and free of American dictations. In either way, there will be violence in Iraq until the Americans, their mercenaries, agents, stooges, intelligence services and death squads leave the country. Iraq needs a new national leadership made of people who didn't enter the country behind American tanks.


Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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