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Terror and anti terror feed on each other!

Guest Adnan

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Few weeks ago President Hameed Kharzai of Afghanistan gave the ‘security companies’ the likes of Blackwater, AEGIS, XE, DAYNEC…etc, the so-called Civilian Contractors, four months to close down. His interior minister went further by blaming the above 'security contractors' for many of the violence in the country in order to gain more business. In other words, commercialisation of anti-terror created a huge industry that thrives on violence. A large number of companies produce scanners used at airports or weapons and gadgets to be used for monitoring or for neutralising suspects. These range from hand-held powerful guns similar to those used by Blackwater in killing Iraqis or the remote control CIA drones armed with hellfire missiles. But these anti-terror measures didn’t reduce violence neither in Iraq nor in Afghanistan while Al-Qaeda attacks continue to be very costly. The use of the likes of Blackwater and other mercenaries in killing Iraqis with impunity coupled with an unlimited support for Israeli atrocities are exactly what Al-Qaeda needed in its recruitment campaign. The Americans are currently in a vicious cycle of fighting terror while at the same time creating resentment and violence to their own and to that of Israeli terror. So after spending $billions, America is at square one. The violence is not limited to Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq it has spread to Somalia and Yemen and may spread to Eriteria,Uganda and Gibuti. Any objective analysts would conclude that the American anti-Terror tactics and strategies have failed. But unfortunately the state department, the Pentagon and the Whitehouse are infested with the so-called anti-terror experts whose own survival depends on terror. It is like asking phrmaceutical companies to develop effective immunity to diseases and go bankrupt for not being able to sell drugs. It is worth mentioning here that the Yemeni government and many of its corrupt officials will also benefit from having Al-Qaeda in Yemen as many countries have already promised financial assistance.

Adnan Darwash, Iraq Occupation Times

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