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Looking For Diane Adams


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I am trying to locate Diane Adams. Around 5 years ago she worked at Hooters in Fairfax and The Shark Club in Bethesda. More recently I understand she bartended at the Platinum Club in DC, maybe she still does. The reason I am looking for her is for a possible co-host position for a sports related TV show to begin taping next Spring. If anyone knows where she is or where she could be reached I would appreciate your help. Thanks, Jeff Malone

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I'm popping off my "Launch Party" for my new Promotion, Marketing and Management firm on April 30, 2004, at the Cada Vez, 1438 U street NW, WDC.

Have you seen the upstairs sense Charles remodeled it? It's nice right?

On the same night I'm hosting a Fashion/Music Industry Party upstairs in the VIP area.


I have invited over 100 businesses within the industry, and promoted my event to the public by way of flyers and Radio. So if you want to come through and network feel free to do so. Please bring plenty of business cards


If you would like to be on the free guest list please e-mail before it fill-up!

Look forward to seeing all of you!



202-390-9336 or flameink01@aol.com

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