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010 China Summit Forum on Lean on November 4 -5 will be held in Shanghai. The forum will be based on lean transformation and strategy, manufacturing and product development, TPM, and logistics and supply chain aspects, describes the latest global trends and lean cutting-edge ideas, to promote Chinese enterprises to share best practices of lean. There will be from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Xinxiang Award Committee, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University professor famous universities here, also from Japan, Toyota, Samsung, Germany's Mercedes-Benz and other world top 500 executives the scene to share, and will also invite leading manufacturing companies in China offer excellent wonderful speech.


★ Forum Venue: Shanghai (platinum five-star hotel)

★ Forum Date: November 2, 2010 -6 days

Students object: CEOs, chairman, president, decision-makers, lean director, production director, research and development director, quality director, director of supply chain, logistics director, quality director, finance director and managing cadres at all levels.

Organization: Chong Chi Management Advisory | Advisory Company


Hotline: 075,5-83 81,33 01, 8381,33 02 (8 lines)


Forum Background:


In 2010, after the baptism of the economic crisis, global manufacturing is recovering. Changes to achieve more through the green lean more environmentally friendly, has become China's manufacturing enterprises in the global competition to survive.


In China, the manufacturing sector continued its strong momentum of rapid development. China manufacturers more and more attention to the leaders of Lean management. Survey shows that over 66% of China's manufacturing industry began to improve in various ways to do Lean, lean management hopes to improve the company's operating performance. Among them, the implementation of lean within 1-2 years more than the number of foreign-funded enterprises, accounting for 67.5% of the full quantity. In fact, the full implementation of lean management systems, and enhance the strategic level to the enterprise is the way to win. More than 15% of the lean transformation projects, corporate senior leaders "personally involved in the implementation", and achieved satisfactory results. In the next 20 years, lean thinking will far exceed the scope of the manufacturing sector, including finance and banking has been applied to the logistics industry, medical institutions, government agencies, including advertising and many other fields. As a result, lean management model is proven to be the 21st century, China's manufacturing industry is one the best management mode.



As a global lean consulting and management system of China leader, was quick to help upgrade the manufacturing industry in China, especially China Lean Summit held in 2010, this is the one area of the wisdom of Lean gluttonous feast.


Forum Purpose:


◆ show the world the latest lean concepts, principles, systems, methods and tools.

◆ excellent Chinese enterprises to share best practices of lean management

◆ Introduction of Lean + IT path and Methodology

◆ build a platform for international exchanges, build a network of cycle lean



November 2 -3 days training A: United States Award for operational excellence and the principles of Xinxiang Assessment - Speaker: Shaun Barker (USA)


November 4 -5 days in China China's global intelligence Lean Forum 2010

Main Forum


First Session: Session manager

Second Session: Manufacturing Session

Third Session: TPM Track

Fourth Session: Product Development Session

Fifth Session: Session Logistics and Supply Chain

November 6

Training B: Lean and the Toyota Management - Speaker: real Nakagawa (Japan)

Training C: Samsung Product Life Cycle Management - Speaker: white rose Hoon (South Korea)



November 4th Main Forum

09:00-09:40 China's management system and implementation of the logical framework of the path - Zhao

09:40-10:20 Lean Enterprise Transformation - MIT Professor Murman (U.S.)

10:20-10:40 - break -

10:40-11:20 Toyota Production best practices in the world - the original implementation of the Toyota executives Nakagawa (Japan)

11:20-12:00 lean processes and manufacturing execution system implementation - the original Mercedes - Benz senior adviser Stefan weiler (Germany)

12:00-14:00 - lunch break -

14:00-14:40 excellent evaluation criteria for business operations and implementing routes - Xinxiang, deputy director of Jury Award Shaun Barker (USA)

14:40-15:20 Japanese companies into lean how to use IT systems and curing results - Japanese Lean Software Corporation president Sawai Gilman (Japan)

15:20-15:50 - Coffee Break -

15:50-16:30 multinational planning and implementation of lean years - the original Danaher (China), ZHANG Yu  zhu, Director of Lean

16:30-17:10 Samsung's global lean transformation strategy - the former Samsung executive of Lee (Korea)

17:10-18:00 Situation in Europe and Asia to implement lean Comparison - peak dialogue: speakers and well-known business executives to participate in


November 5th Session manager

09:00-09:40 Lean Strategic Leadership - Deng teacher

09:40-10:20 East Magnetic Group Lean System Construction and Planning - Group General Manager of the East when the King Magnetic

10:20-10:40 - break -

10:40-11:20 China 2.0: cost competitive upgrade - Tongji University, Associate Professor Zhou Jian

11:20-12:00 How to create full participation in the lean continuous improvement culture - loncin engine Wen Xiaogang, General Manager

12:00-14:00 - lunch break -

14:00-14:40 Action Learning and Lean Management - Human Resources Network China expert Zhang Dingkun organizational learning

14:40-15:20 cost reduction, factory gold - Qiuzhi all


Nov. 5 special manufacturing

09:00-09:40 Methodology Lean Management System - Gong teacher

09:40-10:20 lean enterprise system for large vehicles to establish - the former assistant general manager of Changan Automobile Rui Dehua

10:20-10:40 - break -

10:40-11:20 aviation industry with a lean and recycling - Chief Engineer Yang Haicheng Aerospace Science and Technology (invited)

11:20-12:00 How to overcome obstacles to lean forward in the process - Sun Zhongmin

12:00-14:00 - lunch break -

14:00-14:40 How to create a lean team of executive power - Wang

14:40-15:20 source of enterprise development - the cost of improvement activities - East Magnetic Group Lean Leader Xiong Mingzhong

15:20-15:50 - Coffee Break -

15:50-16:30 line team building solutions - Zhang Xianhong

16:30-17:30 How to achieve lean production to lean management from the upgrade - the peak Dialogue: speakers and well-known business executives to participate in


November 5th Session TPM

09:00-09:40 equipment investment system and the recycling program - Anze Feng Xiao (Japan)

09:40-10:20 TPM Equipment System Evaluation System - China Equipment Management Association Director of Li Baowen

10:20-10:40 break

TPM China 10:40-11:20 Practice Mitsubishi - Mitsubishi Group's total mechanics of the original Yuan Sen

11:20-12:00 TPM in Wrigley - Wrigley TPM project leader of China Wang Yong

12:00-14:00 - lunch break -

14:00-14:40 Practice Suntory Beer TPM - TPM propelled Suntory Beer Wu Ye (invited)

14:40-15:20 20 years in Taiwan to promote Thinking TPM - Synergy Development Center, Technical Director, God leaves ugly (Taiwan)

15:20-15:50 - Coffee Break -

15:50-16:30 TPM of the eight pillars - Stayner B. Lewis (USA)

16:30-17:30 How to meet customer demand through the implementation of TPM - peak dialogue: speakers and well-known business executives to participate in


Nov. 5 special R & D

09:00-09:40 create the perfect product delivery system - Yang

09:40-10:20 Samsung Lean Product Development System - Master of Economics, Seoul National University, the white rose hoon (South Korea)

10:20-10:40 - break -

10:40-11:20 IBM product development philosophy and practice - IBM China Development Center Cui Feng (invited)

11:20-12:00 Schneider innovation management and product development - R & D Center Shanghai Tai Mo Schneider (invited)

12:00-14:00 - lunch break -

14:00-14:40 lean product development framework - Shanghai Jiao Tong University that the new country

14:40-15:20 Lean from manufacturing management to product design - Li Wang (invited)

15:20-15:50 - Coffee Break -

15:50-16:30 General Lean Talent Incubation System deconstruction - Shi teacher

16:30-17:30 How to apply the concept of overseas Chinese manufacturing R & D - peak dialogue: speakers and well-known business executives to participate in


November 5th Session of Logistics and Supply Chain

09:00-09:40 Lean Supply Chain Management System - Lu Nan

09:40-10:20 RFID and Internet of Things applications in the logistics industry - Associate Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute of Logistics and Vice President Wang

10:20-10:40 - break -

10:40-11:20 build agile and lean supply chain and build core competencies - the former vice president of Haier and Wang Baohua, general manager of global operations

11:20-12:00 Bayer supplier management - Bayer, director of strategic sourcing Lidi Ming (invited)

12:00-14:00 - lunch break -

14:00-14:40 Lenovo Group's Supply Chain System - the former associate vice president of supply chain Guoming Lei (invited)

14:40-15:20 purchasing a new trend - strategy, organization and resources - the former American Supply Chain Director Chris Unisource Company

15:20-15:50 - Coffee Break -

15:50-16:30 logistics and supply chain management system assessment (tentative) - Mercedes - Benz Li (invited)

16:30-17:30 China's manufacturing supply chain management Difficulties and Countermeasures - Summit Dialogue: The well-known speakers and business executives to participate in

Note: The above content there may be further fine-tuning and optimization, the specific content of the actual speech prevail.


Training A: United States Award for operational excellence and the principles of Xinxiang assessment

"Xinxiang Award" (The Shingo Prize) was founded in 1988, is recognized as the "Nobel Prize for the manufacturing sector." Past award winners Xinxiang including Boeing, Raytheon Company, Baxter International and other world-class manufacturing companies. "Xinxiang Award" for the enterprise operational excellence and business performance and establish a benchmark. Apply a simple imitation and can not bring real change, and "Xinxiang Award" by the application of lean tools, lean management systems to import, build lean culture, to provide a complete set of enterprise reform implementation evaluation system. "Xinxiang Award" has become the engine of change driving the global manufacturing industry.

China to implement lean manufacturing enterprises in the process, companies can not accurately assess their own maturity, and lean forward lean the stage, it is difficult to improve after the implementation of lean cured results. Based on this, the Joint United Xinxiang Award Committee of experts, held in China, "United States Award for operational excellence and the principles of Xinxiang assessment of" training, designed to help Chinese manufacturing companies to understand and master the world's leading lean principles and methods of maturity assessment, so that Lean to improve the implementation of results are maintained.


Part One: Overview of Xinxiang Award

1, Xinxiang Award history;

2, Xinxiang model of environmental factors

3, recognition and praise Operational Excellence

Second unit: changes in levels of different: focus on the principles of

1, change speed 2, key organizational roles & focus on

3, driven by the principle of the behavior of 4, the core values of fixed

5, the alignment of principles and actions

III: changes in different levels: focus on systems & tools

1, the cultural enablers: the modesty to lead; respect everyone; support the principle of

2, continuous process improvement: focus on process; grasp the scientific method; pull value; pursuit of perfection; to ensure the quality of the source; support the principle of

3, the enterprise aim: the establishment of immutable goals; systems thinking; support the principle of

4, the result: create value for customers; support the principle of


Training B: Lean Thinking and the Toyota Production System

50 years of the 20th century, created by Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota Production System, Massachusetts Institute of Technology led by academia and business to follow and develop, to the mid-90s, has been formed as a new management concept - "fine Yi thought Lean Thinking ".

In China, the only person to learn authentic Japanese lean thinking and the real "Toyota Production System." The training by the former Toyota executive, lean experts visit Shanghai real teaching. Do not go to Japan, the teacher can learn the most authentic Toyota lean thinking and the "Toyota Production System," in essence.


Course benefits:

◆ former Toyota executive, lean real expert instruction, to teach the authentic essence of the Toyota production methods and concepts;

◆ Japanese do not have to be able to lean through the framework of systematic understanding of the foreign teachers, the establishment of the correct lean thinking;

Training Outline:

The first unit: the emergence and development of Lean Thinking

1, Toyota's road 2, the analysis of the Toyota Production System

3, transformation and proliferation of 4 of the Toyota Production System, "lean production" was born

5, from lean production to lean thinking

Second unit: process-based "lean four basic principles"

1, the right to determine the value (Value) 2, Flow (Flow)

3, pull (Pull) 4, perfect (Perfection)

III: Based on people's "Lean Thinking relations of production"

1, team and organizational pyramid level 2, trust and care for employees

3, inter-organizational cooperation and coordination 4, lean corporate culture

IV: technical support lean thinking

1, the flexible device 2, for the product family "manufacturing unit"

3, lean manufacturing environment information system



Training C: South Korea's Samsung product life cycle management

Enterprises to gradually realize the importance of product development, choice and extending the product life cycle is directly related to the survival of enterprises.

South Korea to South Korea from the world of product management on the rise, South Korea's Samsung born "the world's best design." South Korea's Samsung on the scale of Chinese manufacturing, access to reference path, greatly reducing their own way in the process. The rise of Samsung products to obtain "Scriptures", accurate positioning their products, establish product upgrade path.


Course benefits:

◆ Samsung senior product management expert on-site instruction, a comprehensive exposition of the planning of Samsung products

◆ Samsung product life cycle management to understand the core elements and concepts, and master the use of the program to the business

◆ From the Samsung strategy, marketing, R & D management point of view, analysis of Samsung's product lifecycle management and business coping strategies.


Training Outline:

The first unit: Samsung product life cycle management framework system

1, the product management role in the enterprise 2, effective product management, environmental requirements

3, the product management organization and process framework 4, the product management activities and the role of

5, product manager project manager VS VS manager

Part Two: Samsung's core product management: starting from the market demand

1, 2, demand management framework, demand management, difficulties and solutions

3, demand management, delivery of 4, six types of needs analysis

5, product, marketing and roadmap planning methods and practice

III: Samsung efficient R & D Management

1, the product of several common forms of R & D Management 2, structured process of product development

3, 4, product platform management, financial and cost management products

5, delivery of product development and management activities

IV: Samsung product management and product lifecycle management

1, 2, the main flow to market, according to market demand for product strategy review

3, according to the product integration of the business plan testing activities 4, after-market tracking and evaluation

5, the process of practice based on product characteristics




★ Registration Fee (The above fee includes: training, course materials, participate in Forum's customers include 2 lunches, and November 4 star hotel dinner costs. To participate in training A, B, C's clients include lunch training day costs. (The above fee does not include: round-trip transportation and accommodation in Shanghai during the period)):


A set 

Award for operational excellence and the United States the principle of Xinxiang Assessment (November 2-3)

China Lean Forum 2010 (November 4-5)

"Lean Thinking and the Toyota Production System" or "South Korea's Samsung Product Lifecycle Management" (November 6)

12,350 yuan / 1 35200 / 3 55570 / 5 people 277800/30 197600/20 104970/10 people who


B sets 

Award for operational excellence and the United States the principle of Xinxiang Assessment (November 2-3)

China Lean Forum 2010 (November 4-5)

9690 yuan / 1 27600 / 3 43600 / 5 people 218000/30 155000/20 82360/10 people who


C sets 

China Lean Forum 2010 (November 4-5)

"Lean Thinking and the Toyota Production System" or "South Korea's Samsung Product Lifecycle Management" (November 6)

5700 yuan / 1 16200 / 3 25650 / 5 people 128250/30 91200/20 48450/10 people who


Training A 

Award for operational excellence and the United States the principle of Xinxiang Assessment (November 2-3)

7,000 / 1 19950 / 3 31500 / 5 people 157500/30 112000/20 59500/10 people who


Forum  2010 Lean Summit in China (November 4-5)

3200 yuan / 1 9120 / 3 14400 / 5 people 72000/30 51200/20 27200/10 people who



Training or training B C 

"Lean Thinking and the Toyota Production System" or "South Korea's Samsung Product Lifecycle Management" (November 6)





Murman (U.S.)

MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems, Professor, LAI Educational Network Director, "Lean Enterprise Value" author and former Boeing executives, NASA Research Center executives, the U.S. Athena Project Director, is committed to the sperm ideological interest in education and promotion worldwide, specializes in research and systems engineering Lean Thinking


Shaun Barker (USA)

U.S. Deputy Director of Xinxiang Award Committee, he is lean management concepts and principles to business practices in Japan and the United States one of the pioneers. He is committed to operational excellence principles to products and services to improve and upgrade. Has served companies including Toyota, Herman • Miller Group, Deere & Company, Gates Rubber and other world famous enterprises.


Real Nakagawa (Japan)

Japanese Manufacturing Management Research Center Senior Consultant, served as deputy director of Toyota Motor Corporation USA, Argentina, director of Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota, Minister of the posts based body, full participation in the United States, Argentina and South Africa three of Toyota's new plant construction and Lean into work.


Li Kui (South Korea)

South Korean production of innovation experts, quality control experts. South Korea's Samsung Electronics with 20 years experience, former director of Samsung's Global Innovation Center and other duties, proficiency in the production of innovation, quality and other areas of management. With a "set term innovation," "quality management foundation," and "overseas QC manpower training" and other books.


White rose hoon (South Korea)

Master of Management Department of Seoul National University, served as Samsung executives, capital Co., Ltd. Hyundai brand management minister, SK Communications jobs marketing planning minister, over the years to product development, marketing and management fields.


Stayner B. Lewis (USA)

Lean manufacturing experts. Focus on North America, Asia and other regions of the lean advisory and extension work in all types of manufacturing industries have extensive teaching and implementation experience. Good to provide a full range of lean manufacturing tools and consulting services, many well-known corporate restructuring process to help achieve strategic competitive advantage and success.


Chris R Deans (U.S.)

Former Unisource company's supply chain director, internationally renowned supply chain experts, has served in the U.S. federal crisis management agency (FEMA), Exxon Mobil, Georgia Pacific Paper, Branch Road, Childs Airlines, Kraft Foods, AT & T, Lucent Technologies , ITT Corporation and other well-known institutions and companies, good ideas will be used in lean supply chain management practice.


Stefan Weiler (Germany)

Former Porsche Consulting, Mercedes-Benz technical advice and other top consulting firms Senior Consultant Lean, Mercedes-Benz car company manager Asia Pacific for many years focused on lean transformation, development and procurement of vendor integration and promotion of research in the field. Lean supply chain management in versed.


Qiu Zhi Chuan (Singapore)

Former Malaysia's Lion Group Vice President of Operations, Deputy General Manager of British can manufacturing company, nearly 40 years of Asian manufacturing operations management and consulting experience, specializes in lean systems into a comprehensive cost management.


Anze Feng Xiao (Japan)

30 years of practical experience in Toyota Production System, Lean in China for 8 years to improve the consultation and has extensive on-site improvements, quality management, TPM, standard work, visual management and other consulting experience and the ability to quickly upgrade for the front-line team leader training experience.


Li Baowen

China Association of Equipment Management Total Productive Maintenance Committee chairman; Guangzhou University, Institute of Industrial Engineering and Equipment Engineering Director; the Guangzhou municipal government consultant members of the Group; European Union members of the Group Maintenance; has edited the "production and maintenance of a comprehensive standardized series" five other books, China's first practice and promotion of TPM, one of


Zhou Jian

Tongji University postdoctoral associate professor of Industrial Engineering, Tongji University, has 9 years of business management and lean manufacturing, research, consulting experience, covering machinery, electronics, furniture, heavy industry and banking, telecommunications, retail, medical, administrative services in such diverse areas . With a "manufacturing miracle - Glanz 25 years of real sustainable growth management" and other books


That the new country

Shanghai Jiaotong University, was employed by the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Japan and South Korea in recent years, dedicated to the research department and the Department of lean supply chains in Europe and America and published 40 papers by foreign SCI / EI contains more than 20 articles in international conferences Conference keynote speaker and 2, and 6 times as the Chairman of Special Branch and the International Academic Committee 6.


Deng Dehai

Toyota headquarters in Japan received training in TPS systems, long committed to lean management and promotion of research on the use of lean systems in the world to promote in-depth understanding. Provided for a number of well-known consulting and training services company, specializes in strategic forward lean, lean leadership, systems training, construction and other lean organizations.


Zhang Xianhong

Lean manufacturing experts, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University Distinguished Professor of Production and Operations Officer Course, the international registration trainer, large manufacturing companies for 20 years practical experience in the top 10 manufacturing companies in training, consulting services, experience, lean manufacturing, production operations, has a unique capacity-building of staff.


Sun Zhongmin

Has 26 years experience in the implementation of lean production, lean former Director of the Office of Jiangling Motors Group; good use of advanced management concepts and tools to promote, in particular, the synchronization process in the production organization and management of logistics and supply chain senior management operation.


Gong teacher

Guest Lecturer, Tsinghua University class president. Toyota in Japan received training in 2 years TPS system, has 10 years of consulting experience in China's import of lean manufacturing, which led a domestic import automotive group lean production work and made a revolutionary breakthrough, is listed as China's auto industry demonstration projects



Class Guest Lecturer, President Sun Yat-sen. The world's top 500 Japanese companies 15 years of experience, proficient in Japanese companies in the customer chain, manufacturing chain, optimize the supply chain system cost, system efficiency and quality management. Worked Matsushita Electric, Kohler Group, Sany Heavy Industry has provided consulting services and other enterprises.


Shi teacher

Distinguished Professor of Fudan University; the original German Mercedes - Benz, a senior lean consultant. Fortune 500 companies 25 years of experience in management, the former General Motors director of China's first Lean training, successfully built a package of Shanghai GM Lean training system.



Site improvement, production and operation management expert, South Korea's Samsung Group authorization management trainer. Samsung Group has 12 years of experience, received systematic training in TPS, who has FAW, the Bus, Samsung Electronics and other famous enterprises to provide advisory services.

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