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Leading Republican Opposes Sharron Angle for Senate

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Republican Sue Wagner stated she opposes Sharron Angle's candidacy for United States Senate in that state due to Angle's "extreme" stance against abortion, and will vote against the candidate in the upcoming general election in November. Sharron Angle is against abortion in all cases, including incidents of rape and incest.


Sue Wagner is a former Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. She has served as a member of the Nevada Gaming Commission, and as a state legislator. Wagner assisted in the formation of a 1990 voter-approved referendum safeguarding abortion rights in Nevada. Wagner characterized Sharron Angle's position against abortion as "extreme", but said she would not endorse the candidacy of Angle's major party opponent, Democratic United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Sharron Angle was asked by the moderator Thursday in a debate with Reid if she would support any US federal tax revenue going towards funding for abortion; she responded with a curt, "No."


Angle's campaign did not respond to queries from the Associated Press about Wagner's statements. Sharron Angle has invited controversy in the past due to her views on. In an article about "Tea Party extremism" in Nevada, The Globe and Mail reported, "Ms. Angle has suggested pregnant rape victims turn 'a lemon situation into lemonade' instead of having an abortion." The Washington Post reported that Senator Harry Reid's first negative campaign advertisement about Angle criticized the candidate for, "... supporting a Scientology-backed prisoner rehabilitation program."

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