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A few of the Recession Proof Jobs


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Security- No matter how bad the economy is there will always be a need for policemen, fireman, etc.


Health care- Once again it does not matter how bad the times are we will constantly need highly trained nurses, doctors, physical therapists, etc.


Education- The economy may be going downhill, but the population isn't. This only means teachers and principals will almost never lose their jobs in poor times.


Food Industry- No one can go without eating even during the recession. People will start going to cheaper take-away restaurants, rather than all the highly priced restaurants that will probably fall during these times.


Handyman Services- This varies from electricians to carpenters, even to automobile mechanics. Skilled professionals in these so called "trades" will still need to make emergency repairs.

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Guest Warren in Georgetown

According to BlackRock, Healthcare, information technology and energy alternatives are leading growth areas for the United States.


BlackRock states these sectors of the economy are likely to experience significant innovation that will act as key drivers for economic growth in the coming years. Within healthcare, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of the effects of the aging boomer population — healthcare spending levels are almost certain to continue to rise. Advances in biotechnology are also likely to continue at a rapid pace, and we could see new treatments in such forms as gene-specific therapies and increasing utilization of stem cells. Additionally, the rise in patient-driven research and an increasing move toward digital healthcare record-keeping are potential growth areas for the healthcare sector.


Technology has long been a growth area for the United States, and should continue to be one in the coming decade. The sheer growth of new types of computers and entertainment devices is unlikely to slow down, we should continue to see advances in microprocessor speed and capacity. Innovations such as cloud computing have the potential to lower costs and increase productivity. Additionally, we have probably only begun to see the impact of social networking tools as economic growth engines.


The rise of alternative energy as an important source of growth is also likely to continue. We expect to see increasing taxes on carbon emissions in the coming years, which will provide an economic incentive to further explore alternatives. Additionally, the realities of supply (such as diminishing coal availability) and geopolitical issues (much of the world’s oil is controlled by governments that have unfriendly relations with the United States) will push innovation. In addition to “traditional” alternatives such as wind power and solar power, there are also a wide range of new ideas and new technologies being explored (such as fuels being produced by biological substances including algae and sewage) that should gain traction.

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