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One shall have the courage to implement the right knowledge


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One shall have the courage to implement the right knowledge


As long as the knowledge is not right, the doubts will be coming in your mind continuously. You should not fear to implement the right knowledge because the first stage is to accept the right knowledge in theory only. In course of time only you will gain the courage to implement the right knowledge. The fear in implementation of right knowledge forces you to treat the right knowledge as the wrong knowledge. In such state also, your inner conscience pricks you always suggesting it as right. You will neglect the suggestion since you suffer for your lack of efficiency in getting the right fruit by implementation of right knowledge. You are ambitious of the fruit and you are inefficiency in implementation of the right knowledge removes the possibility of getting the desired fruit.


In such state of confusion, the best solution invented by your mind is to treat the right knowledge as wrong and to think that the desired fruit cannot be achieved by such assumed wrong knowledge. The final result is to treat the right knowledge as wrong. For the same reason, your mind treats the wrong knowledge as right since it is very convenient to implement the wrong knowledge.


Your mind links the right fruit to the wrong knowledge and thus make you feel to get the right fruit through the implementation wrong knowledge assumed as right. This is the analysis of the instantaneous psychological process, unaware of which, people like the implementation wrong knowledge assuming as right and assume the achievement of right fruit. When all your doubts are cleared, the courage to implement the right knowledge is spontaneously generated. Some doubt existing in your mind unconsciously is responsible for your fear in the implementation.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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