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Mayor Bloomberg Supports O'Malley Over Erlich

Guest Rick Abbruzzese

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Guest Rick Abbruzzese

Today, New York City Mayor and political independent Michael Bloomberg endorsed Governor Martin O'Malley at Honest Tea, Inc. in Bethesda.


Bloomberg is the three-term Mayor of the largest city in the United States and a successful businessman who has endorsed both Republican and Democratic candidates this year.


"Governor O'Malley is exactly the type of results-focused leader we need right now. By supporting businesses, creating jobs, and investing in a 21st century workforce, O'Malley is positioning Maryland for future economic success," said Mayor Bloomberg.


"I've known Mayor Bloomberg for years and we've worked together on a performance-based, results-oriented approach to governing. Mayor Bloomberg is an independent, bi-partisan, tell-it-like-it-is voice for progress who knows there's no such thing as a Republican job or a Democratic job. It's an honor to have his endorsement," said Governor Martin O'Malley.


Bloomberg's endorsement follows the release of a list of more than 200 Maryland business leaders who are publicly supporting Governor Martin O'Malley's re-election bid. Today, the O'Malley-Brown campaign published the complete list of these business backers in an advertisement in the Baltimore Sun.


The endorsement took place at Honest Tea, Inc., a Bethesda-based beverage maker that is rapidly expanding throughout Maryland and the United States. Honest Tea president and co-founder Seth Goldman welcomed the Governor and Mayor to the headquarters.


A recent Washington Post poll showed O'Malley energizing his supporters and gaining momentum over his opponent.

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