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Meaning of God is said to be ‘omnipotent’


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Meaning of God is said to be ‘omnipotent’

Arguments of Vedantins and Shakteyas


God is said to be omnipotent. This is accepted straightly without any analysis because omnipotence means that God can do anything. It clearly means that God has unimaginable power. Again, you should not say that God becomes unimaginable due to the unimaginable power only. Hence, you may say that the power is greater than God. You cannot distinguish two unimaginable items. In the process of explanation, we have used the word unimaginable power, since the explanation to any human brain is in the phase of imaginable dimensions. The unimaginable God and the unimaginable power are not different. In the imaginable items there may be such possibility. The sun and light or heat may be different at least in the quantitative sense. The intensified power is source and diluted power is its property. The quantitative difference is based on the difference in the intensity, which is based on space only. More power in less space is the source having high intensity. Less power or the same power in more space is the property having less intensity. Thus, the difference is based on the measurement of volume and hence this is related only to items having spatial dimensions.


We do not mind to say that God knows everything due to Himself only. Here the word “Himself” means the power itself. We do not mind to say that the unimaginable power itself is God. We have the existence of independent electromagnetic radiations traveling in the space without any source. There cannot be two unimaginable items and therefore you have to say either God or independent power. If you differentiate God and power, both become imaginable items with spatial dimensions. Hence, the quarrel between Vedantins, supporting God and Shakteyas, supporting power is meaningless, since the source of the quarrel is the logic derived from imaginable items observed in this imaginable world.


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