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There is no second unimaginable item to be compared to God


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There is no second unimaginable item to be compared to God


When the imaginable items are given as examples to explain the unimaginable God, you have to be very careful in confining yourself to the context of the aspect explained only and should not extend to other aspects, which will lead you into chaos of confusions.


Such God enters a human being to direct the devoted souls in the correct path. The entry of God should not be understood as the entry of electricity in to a metallic wire. The electricity is a stream of electrons and has spatial dimensions. The metallic wire is a chain of crystals having spatial dimensions. God enters the human being due to His unimaginable nature only. Everywhere, for activity of God, the unimaginable nature is the only reason and logic, which can never be understood.


When I speak any action of God, immediately your brain applies the logic of imaginable items to understand such activity. It is the routine procedure of the brain since it itself is imaginable item and only understands the imaginable items of the world at anytime. For the sake of explanation, we take the imaginable items only like current, wire etc., as examples, since there is no second unimaginable item to be compared to God and this problem is mentioned in Brahma Sutras. Therefore, the immediate impression of understanding of brain leads God to be an imaginable item only. To avoid this continuous danger, the human being charged by God called as mediated God (SagunaBrahma) is always referred, which is an imaginable item indicating the existence of unimaginable God in it.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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