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Real God is not seen by seeing energetic form


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Real God is not seen by seeing energetic form

The present human incarnation is more useful

It is the climax of ignorance of scientific knowledge to think that some energetic form like Vishnu to be taken as the absolute God. The matter existing in human being and the energy existing in the energetic form are inter convertible and both exist in the same phase having spatial dimensions. The ignorant people due to lack of scientific understanding think that the real God is seen by the vision of some energetic form. When you understand that matter and energy are relative parts of the Universe, you will not differentiate Krishna, the human incarnation and Vishnu, the energetic incarnation.


When you realize that Krishna was the past human incarnation and is in no way different from the contemporary human incarnation since the medium is one and the same human being made of space, energy, matter and different work forms of energy. In fact, the present human incarnation is more useful, since you can clear all your doubts with it and such advantage is not possible with the past human incarnation. When you read Gita, you get so many doubts and you are approaching other human beings for clarification regarding the unimaginable God. A blind man cannot help another blind man regarding the explanation of Sun!



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