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The hard nut for atheists


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The hard nut for atheists

The scientific atheists say that the cosmic energy is the ultimate God from which this entire creation is generated through big bang, maintained and destroyed. He says that another unimaginable God as generator of cosmic energy is unnecessary. If we say that an agent of intelligence is required to maintain all this creation in such a systematic manner, the atheists disagree saying that randomness with probability based on theory of evolution can be the reason for such systematic administration. We cannot completely rule out this answer of the atheists. In such case, the unimaginable God disappears and the imaginable cosmic energy becomes God. The concept of energy is clearly understood only through intricate scientific analysis like thermodynamics etc.


and hence, an entity understood with difficulty can be treated unimaginable for the time being. If we say that the genuine miracles stand as perfect proof for the real unimaginable concept, the atheists still weaken us by saying that there is atleast 50% probability in the future for the revelation of such genuine miracle also. When such situation stands before us, the only concept of perfect unimaginable concept is the existence of infinite entity. This cosmos is infinite without beginning and end.


Its boundary is perfectly unimaginable since even scientists agree that it can never be reached. Even if you reach the boundary of cosmos, will there be a compound wall indicating the limits of the universe? If such compound wall exists, what is present beyond that compound wall? Therefore, in this case, the real unimaginable boundary of the infinite cosmos has to be accepted even by science. There is no trace of possibility in future to explain the boundary of cosmos. This is the only proof for the real existence of an unimaginable concept indicating the unimaginable God. We can say that God exists beyond the limits of the universe and thus, it means that God is always unimaginable.


Arjuna had the vision of this infinite cosmos containing infinite matter and energy. The only statement given by Lord Krishna is that there is no end to this cosmic vision, which clearly means that the limits of the creation are infinite and unimaginable (Naantosti mama …).



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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