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Shankara brought down the atheists to the line of worship to God


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Shankara brought down the atheists to the line of worship to God

The background of each spiritual preacher is not a new interpretation from my mouth. This background is reflected in their own statements. Shankara always told that He is God (Aham Brahma Asmi) or God Shiva (Shivah Kevaloham). Shankara told about the path of the soul to become God and He introduced the requirement of spiritual effort (sadhana) to become God even though the soul is already God. The position of sadhana contains the whole secret because if the soul is already God, there is no need of sadhana to become God! He maintained the status of the chocolate stating that if ignorance is strong, sadhana is required to remove its practical effect (vikshepa) and for this He recommended the worship to the Lord. While maintaining the initial twist, He brought down the atheists to the line of worship to God!


His statement that He is God indicates that the soul in His body became God since God charged it. This chance of the soul becoming God is opened to every soul. Any soul by spiritual effort can become the Son of God. Thus, we are not denying the possibility of the soul to attain Advaita. We are only opposing the view that the soul is already in the state of Advaita, in which case Shankara would have not introduced the sadhana(spiritual effort) to attain what the soul was already. Of course, Shankara proposed this concept of the soul already being in the state of Advaita, but you must understand it as a twist of the scripture prepared as a chocolate for the sake of the atheists initially. Even there, the scriptural interpretation is maintained so that the atheists will not think that it is a twist. Here, in the twist, the soul is said to be already Brahman. But here Brahman means the greatest item in the creation but not the God, who is unimaginable and can be indicated by silence only.


Of course, Brahman can also mean God because God is greatest being greater than the greatest soul. Atheists took the word Brahman in the sense of God and were attracted. If anyone quarrels with Shankara, He will say that the sense of Brahman in Advaita is only the greatest item. Shankara exploited the possibility of multiple meanings of the word Brahman. Therefore, on one side while the twist is maintained for atheists, the same twist legally stands justified for the scholars on the other side. Such unimaginable genius can be only God!

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