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Mircales and atheists


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Miracles cannot satisfy atheists, who are always ready with alternative interpretations.


Smt.Shrutakirti ( Hyderabad ) revealed her Divine experience like this; “On 24-12-2006 I slept with some worry and I got a divine dream in which swami walked into my house. He was radiating bright light of thousand Suns. Every footprint of Him was shining with pure golden color. Swami consoled me and preached the Divine knowledge. At the end Swami told that He is giving a proof for the reality of his entrance into the dream. Then Swami told that if I verify the calendar of 2007, the Star on 21st May is PUNARVASU. This statement was repeated three times by Swami who disappeared. I awoke in the early morning and told about the dream to my husband. We did not yet purchase the New Year calendar. My husband rushed to the neighbor and brought the calendar to verify the truth. We were extremely surprised to see the name of PUNARVASU Star on that Day.


Even the composer of the calendar cannot say this. I immediately phoned to Swami and told this. Swami told, “ Any proof in the dream will be treated as the dream only and cannot be realized as truth in this world on awakening. Some days back I told you that I am coming to your house on a particular day. On that day there was profuse scent of lotus flowers in your house, which was absent outside the house simultaneously in every direction. That was a proof for my entry into your house in the awakened state. If I exhibit the same scent in your dream, it is not a real proof because it becomes a part of the dream and will be treated unreal along with the unreal dream.” I phoned to all our devotees immediately and told about this experience.


Swami spoke: If the human incarnation materializes matter, you say that it is the trick of magic. If the Lord gives Divine visions, you will say that it is the illusion of the eye. You know that Smt.Bharati saw the Divine vision of Lord Datta. She put her finger in the bright radiating wheel revolving on my finger to test the possibility of illusion of the eye. You know that she immediately fell down and was unconscious for a long time. You know that the Doctor also stated that she got heart shock and her finger was stiff for three days and the Doctor stated that her body was shocked by the attack of high voltage electricity.


In spite of all this, doubts still click in your hearts. Now analyze this small proof in the dream. Though it is small it is most perfect from all angles. You know that Shrutakirti is very innocent and ignorant. How can she tell this even in the awakened state? Perhaps some mathematical genius may tell this after doing some calculations and such calculations are impossible in the state of dream. Miracles cannot satisfy atheists, who are always ready with alternative interpretations. But what sort of interpretation they can give for this?



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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