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Justice (pravrutti) can be violated only for God


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Justice (pravrutti) can be violated only for God

Thinking that a cheat is God, ethics should not be violated. You have to confirm the human form of God and should not violate the ethics misunderstanding an ordinary human being as God. You should not tell a lie based on the advice of an ordinary human being. A lady should not run after her illegal lover stating that he is the human form of God. On the advice of Krishna, Arjuna killed his grandfather. This should not be misused. On the advice of some cheat, you should not kill your grandfather. Shankara left His old mother and Prahlada agreed for the death of his father for the sake of God. For other purposes, this should not be allowed.


Buddha left His wife, son and wealth for the sake of God. This should not be done for other purposes. To satisfy the followers of ethics, God interprets the violation of ethics as ethical procedure only. If nivrutti is not understood, it is better to follow the superficial ethics at least to support the balance of the society. The killing of Bhishma was explained as the punishment for his silence over the insult of Draupadi before him. Such explanation makes the Lord to bow before ethics and satisfies the blind followers of pravrutti in the interest of balance of peace of society.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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