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God really enjoied +ves and –ves things in the world.


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God really enjoied +ves and –ves things in the world.

Krishna followed this (continuously enjoying life containing both positive and negative things) in His life and His preaching, the Gita, was perfectly implemented in His practice. He was enjoying His own death while the foot was bleeding, hit by the hunter. He consoled the hunter and removed his tension over the incident. He enjoyed the genocide of His family members as a spectator in the end.


He enjoyed the defeat in the hands of the enemies like Jarasandha, who flew away to construct a new city in the island present in the ocean. He enjoyed while Shishupala was repeatedly scolding Him and was never subjected to any tension. He enjoyed while He was called as the thief of butter in other houses. Except entertainment and enjoyment, even a trace of tension could not touch Him in His entire life.


You may say that God is enjoying the world-cinema since He is away from it. You may differentiate from God by this, stating that you are participating in the cinema. This cannot be accepted since God also entered the world-cinema as Krishna and participated in it like you. The only difference is that He is acting in the role, where as you are living in the role by completely identifying yourself with it. Such divine knowledge applies to you also and Shankara preached this.


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