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Before creation & end of creation differentiate soul and God


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Before creation & end of creation differentiate soul and God


The difference between God and soul is clear when the two states viz. before creation and the end of creation are concerned. Even during the present state of maintenance of the world is concerned, God controls the entire world where as the soul is a part of the world and is controlled by God. The producer and director of the cinema is the total boss and can control even the running state of the cinema. But, his servant sitting along with Him as the spectator of the cinema is exactly in equal state with Him as far as the entertainment and enjoyment through detachment is concerned. The producership, directorship and control over the running of the show etc. are not relevant points and cannot differentiate the servant as far as the limited angle of entertainment is concerned.



If you close your eyes serving the boss without seeing the cinema, you are hurting the boss, because he will be happy if you enjoy like him seeing his creation. Therefore, God is not pleased with those who run away from the cinema and engage themselves in His praise only. Your enjoyment of His creation without any tension shows that you are totally appreciating His work and talent in creating this universe. If you are suffering due to some aspect in the creation, that shows that His work is defective. Your tension indicates your dislike to some part of the creation. If you enjoy with every item and situation in the world, you have appreciated His creation totally in every direction. God will be extremely pleased with such state.


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