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The human incarnations- Mohammad, Krishna, Buddha


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The human incarnations- Mohammad, Krishna, Buddha


When God enters the human being, the soul becomes His slave and serves God. The main specific purpose is to clarify the doubts of devotees directly. The prophet or messenger brings the message of God and delivers it to the people without any change in it. Such messenger is the best. Some messengers change the message as per their liking. Therefore, the best is that God delivers the message directly to the people through the mouth of human incarnation.


Fortunately, Mohammad is the human incarnation and not simply the messenger and therefore the message, Q’ran, was not at all polluted. Similar is the case with Bible. There need not be any doubt about Gita since Krishna Himself declared as God. Even Buddha was a human incarnation and kept silent about the concept of human incarnation. In His time most of the people were atheists (Purvameemamsakas), who were even denying the existence of God and were involved in performing the sacrifices (Yajnas) to go to heaven for fulfilling their excess desires.


The atmosphere was not congenial even for introduction of concept of the existence of God. Therefore, Buddha kept silent about God and His silence was meaningful because the absolute unimaginable God cannot be explained by words. He concentrated on the eradication of desires, which will help in getting the grace of God through selfless service. This suppression of the fact in view of the prevailing atmosphere was mistaken by the followers, who thought that Buddha was an atheist. All the followers of Buddha became atheists, but they were developing some discipline over the controller of desire. A defect is allowed for some time in view of growing some merit. Even though atheism was allowed, the control of desire was achieved. A strong defect should not be contradicted in the beginning and it is better to concentrate on some other easier concept to be introduced.



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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