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The human form of God, only can deliver the knowledge


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The human form of God, only can deliver the knowledge


Except the human form of God, no other form can deliver the knowledge and this is the exceptional value of human incarnation. You may say that God can speak even through inert forms or other living beings due to His omnipotence but such exhibition of unimaginable power without real necessity indicates the brainless administration of God. When the human form is naturally available to serve the purpose, there is no meaning to use superpower through other forms for the same purpose.


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was crossing the river by a boat paying one rupee to the driver. Another saint crossed the same river by walking on water to show his super power. Paramahamsa told him that the cost of his super power is just one rupee! God is not such foolish saint, but God is such wise Paramahamsa!



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