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Ego rejects Human incarnation


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Ego rejects Human incarnation

In spite of several miracles exhibited and in spite of excellent preaching, Jesus was insulted and finally killed by the public. The reason is that it is very difficult to recognize the human incarnation of God. If you give the miracle as the inherent characteristic of God, Jesus showed several miracles. Krishna also showed several miracles and even the devotee like Arjuna could not recognize Him as God. If you say that the excellent knowledge is the real characteristic of God, even then, Jesus was not recognized since people could not properly digest it.


Even after hearing Gita, Arjuna did not get down from the chariot even though Lord Krishna ordered. It means, Gita was not perfectly digested by Arjuna. Perfect digestion of knowledge means that it should stand in the blood for ever. The decease that hinders the digestion of knowledge in this aspect is ego mingled with jealousy towards a co-human being. The way to remove this decease is to respect every co-human being without any insult and harm.


Of course, this point should be exempted from the punishment given to a sinner and from the training of discipline to students.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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