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Sweat Box Friday Night House Party Playlist for 9/17 @ 10PM on WTNRRADIO


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'The Best Dance on The Net' The SweatBox

Playlist of the Hottest Dance Trax 9/17 @ 10pm on wtnrradio

Catch The Party Every Friday in 2010 @ 10pm on SweatBox on WTNRRADIO


Want more Box? Find every 2009 episode Here..


1. Rocket - Gold Rapp ‘Tiesto Remix’

2. Kabiria 004 - Max Zotti ft O.B. ‘DJ Jurij Ramix’

3. The Power - Tom Novy Vs TV Rock Vs Snap ‘Mischa Daniels Ctazy Head Mix’

4. Feel So Good -Sonique ‘Trance Remix’

5. 7 Days And One Week VA ‘Gemji Hoshida Remix’

6. Sunny - Sir Colin ‘Club Mix’

7. Better Than Her - Matisse ’Maxin Marc and Tony Svedja Remis Version A’

8. Hot Summer Nights - David Tavares ‘Alex K Mix’

9. Raise Your Hands - Jack Holiday ft Rou Rob ‘original Mix’

10. Chica Bomb - Dan Balan

11. When Love Takes Over - Kelly Rowland ‘Norman Doray and Arno Cost Mix’

12. Rock the Rhythm - D’azoo At Night ‘Club Mix’

13. Dancing on My Own - Robyn ’Buzz Junkies Club Mix’


Music For Music People'

The Sweat Box is produced by THE ZONE DC

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