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Vince Gray For Mayor - We Are Up 17 Percent Over Fenty

Guest Vince

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It was humbling to see the poll results in yesterday's Washington Post show that we were up 17 percent amongst likely voters. It'd be easy to think we could sit back and run out the clock until Primary Day, but that's not what we're going to do.


We cannot afford to let up.


That's why I need your help today. Mayor Fenty built-up a $4 million war chest for precisely this reason: to make sure he could spend his way to re-election. Our volunteers have done an amazing job of neutralizing the Fenty campaign, but we need to stay on the air to make sure our message is reaching every voter.


Will you make a contribution to our campaign today?


The number from yesterday's poll that made me smile the widest measured voters' enthusiasm for the candidate for whom they'd decided to support.


48% said they supported our campaign "very enthusiastically," but only 27% felt similarly about Mayor Fenty.


Our field and communications teams have an aggressive plan for these final weeks - designed to turn that enthusiasm into a win on September 14th. But they can't do it without you.


Will you give $35 to our campaign today?




There are just 15 days left. Let's make them count.



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Guest Eckington Resident

Thousands of residents started booing Fenty at Dunbar High School "Reclaim the Dream" rally. Everyone thinks our current Mayor sold out to big business.

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