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Statement regarding transaction and statement of holding


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All participants in the commodity trade are required to provide the following two statements to the depository account holder. They are,


1) Transaction statement

2) Statement of holding


The regulatory authority has stipulated that these statements must be furnished at fortnightly intervals unless the investor has requested statements at shorter intervals. However, if there is no transaction from a particular account, then the statements must be provided at least once in a quarter. All top commodity firms insist on their customers to follow the stringent rules and regulations to the last letter.


However, the simplified information system put in place by the regulatory authority enables the depository participants to download the above statements at regular frequency and to deliver it to the depository account holders. Since the global trade is completely in the hands of the market forces, the forces of supply and demand have a major say in the state of affairs in the commodity market.


The transaction statement is an important document since it contains the complete details of the trade and the resultant transactions involved. This statement provides the details of the transactions over the account and the pending demat request. This is an important document especially if you have opted to receive Non-Cash Corporate benefits into your demat account. Account holders must insist on a receipt if he/she is regularly part of the commodities trade.


Normally, some of the depository participants do not provide this statement. The main reason for hiding the relevant information is due to the fear of leaking out the truth. When analyzing the present format of the recently introduced blank transaction statement and the detailed explanation of the various narrations, we can see that the government is serious in giving more flexibility while simultaneously attempting to affect some controls in the financial market.

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