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Verizon managed to just about destroy my business in a week. Dependent on Verizon for voice, DSL and fax with a verizon.net email, the biggest mistake of my life was to have ALL verizon products. The company makes almost $8,500 per year in revenue from me, a one-person professional in NYC.

I moved two blocks away and put in the orders to move and restore at my new place. A month has gone by and there is still no DSL service and last week they terminated my email account because of a billing blunder. I cannot get my email back. Verizon tells me they need to work on it....a week to try to get it back and noboday can do it. Clients have been calling me hysterical that my email is shut and they cannot get me tax documents. Verizon claims I have DSL service when I never got it and they bill me for it. I terminated a voice line in my move, and when they turned off the line, it sems they terminated my email and cannot get it back.

So, I cannot operate a home business without an email and I get online only due to the kindness of neighbors allowing me to use their wireless.

Verizon offered to help me set up a new email account!! But I told them I have no DSL service and they said yes, you do!! I do not but they said they show there is nothing wrong with the line. Yes, and five visits by technicians later, I am billed for all kinds of house calls and the techs shake their heads (they have no clue) and leave. But when I call, I am told I have service. I think this is sabbotage by ignorance and stupidity. Nobody is accountable.

I lost two clients this past week due to lack of communications, and I do not have a final headcount yet on those who think I have died and so they have gone to another professional.

Verizon destroyed my business and my personal integrity. No warning notice on shut down of the email--just dissappeared.

DSL is 35 per month, charge of a new upgraded router is 79. Aggravation is too high to price it. Doctor bills for acid reflux and resulting medication bills is astonomical.

Can I sue them for loss of clients and medical bills?

Class action suit for like offended individuals?

Are they federally licensed and can this go to congress as part of a review to yank their license? Verizon is totally incompetent and should not be allowed to operate a service business which is federally regulated. I assume the government needs to monitor this type of utility and require them to operate at a minimum standard. If they can't they deserve to be taken down.

My hope is that they lose all their customers and go under if the government does not close them down first as a threat to national security.

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