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Remember the popular TV show the West Wing? It was a great fictional program with embellished stories of a fictional President played by actor Martin Sheen.West Coast Swing


Well, today the Democrats in charge with leading our country are playing a little too close to fiction. It's bad enough they are pushing for socialist fantasies without giving any thought to the crippling debt they will cause. Now, these Democrats are partying with the executive producer of the West Wing, John Wells, at his home.


President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and others from the Democratic leadership will attend a $30,400 per co-host event at the West Wing creator's California home.


We need your help to match every dollar they raise at this event. Please visit WestSwing.nrcc.org today to make a donation. A group of Republican House Members has come together to agree to match dollar-for-dollar the funds raised through WestSwing.nrcc.org to offset the large sums of money the President and his radical-left friends will raise for vulnerable Liberal Democrat Members.


Your help is needed now. We are closer than ever to a new Republican majority with just 39 seats needed; we cannot let them gain an advantage by out-raising us at swanky fundraisers like this.


With the financial support of proud, every-day Republicans such as yourself, we will have the necessary funds for each of our 430 Republican candidates' campaigns this November. Please make a contribution today of $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or whatever you can give.


We also need you to follow the action steps on WestSwing.nrcc.org and help spread the word about our fight.


Thank you for your help.


In Victory

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