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God in the form of a human being can be reffered


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God in the form of a human being can be reffered

A soul is a part of creation only

Gita says that God is unimaginable and that God enters the human form to be available for the human beings. These two points constitute the essence of the goal i.e., God (Mamtuvedana…., Manusheemtanum…..). You should know that you are a part of the creation only and not the creator or even part of the creator. The creator is unimaginable and you are the soul or the imaginable nature. You are made of body, qualities of the soul and the attribute less soul. The attribute less soul is the inert energy, which is isolated from any type of work. Gita says that the attribute less soul or Atman is inert and workless (Sthanurachalah) and the soul associated with qualities, called as Jeeva, is the inert energy associated with a specific form of work generated in a specific system called as nervous system. These qualities constitute Paraprakruti, which is the basic inert energy generating a specific work called as awareness.


The body is made of inert matter, which in association with certain work forms of awareness (Manas, Buddhi and Ahankara) is called as Aparaprakruti. Both these forms of Prakruti or nature constitute the creation. Therefore, you are a small quantum of this creation. As per Gita, the qualified soul (Jeevatman) is only a part of creation or Prakruti (Apareyamitah…) and Purusha is the creator.


According to Shankara, the qualified soul including the basic inert soul comes under Prakruti only and Purusha is the creator. The creator is originally unimaginable and cannot be referred by any body. But the creator in the form of a human being can be referred by any body and hence God is always addressed as Purusha or human being.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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