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The path to please God


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The path to please God

Since, every human being is not God, the specific human being charged by God is called as Purushottama as per Ramanuja. According to Shankara there are only two categories i.e., Purusha or the specific human being charged by God and Prakruti or the creation including all the other human(living) beings (Prakrutimpurushamchaiva). According to Ramanuja, there are three categories i.e., Prakruti or the inert part of creation, Purusha or all the ordinary human beings (living beings) and Purushottama or the specific human being charged by God (Yasmatksharamatitoham). Both these classifications are mentioned in Gita. All this constitutes the knowledge about yourself and God. The link between these two is the path to please God.


This path is practical and constitutes the sacrifice of work (Karmasanyasa) and the sacrifice of fruit of work (Karmaphala tyaga). Both these are done by every human being, but, these are done for the sake of self and family and such selfish service is called as Karma. If you replace the self by God, it forms the real path. Both these are mentioned in Gita.


The service through sacrifice of work and fruit is called as Karmayoga and the same service done to yourself and your family is called as Karma. The word Yoga denotes the direction towards God. The service (Karma) alone gives the fruit like the plant giving the fruit after growing into a tree. The water and the fertilizer are necessary for growth of plant into a tree. The water is the spiritual knowledge (Jnanayoga) and the fertilizer is the devotion (Bhaktiyoga). The knowledge about yourself and your family is the water and your love towards yourself and your family is the fertilizer in the case of selfish work or Karma.


There are some people who sacrifice both work and fruit for the benefit of the society and there is no element of God in their sacrifice. Such people go to heaven for some time and return back to the earth (Kshenepunye…). Such people doing service to the society aspiring some bigger fruit in return are politicians and these people go to hell. There are some people, who do the same service to the society under the direction of human form of God and such people reach and become close to God. They neither love the society like the aspirants of heaven nor do business with the society like politicians. Their service is to the society but their basic love is towards God only. They love the society because God loves the society. If God is not there, they will not care for the society. All these aspects are deeply explained in Gita.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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