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Mere fasting Vs love on God


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Mere fasting Vs love on God


Without devotion to God, the detachment from world is false and meaningless. The detachment from the world should be always with reference to the attachment to God. The Vairagya is always relative with reference to the devotion and is not an absolute concept. The absolute concept is only devotion. You should not give importance to people seeing their detachment but should give value for their attachment to God. Foolish people give value to the detachment even though the attachment to God is absent.


You are giving value to a person who is fasting and you are considering him as devotee. He may be fasting due to stomach ache. If he is fasting due to devotion on God, such fasting is valid. If the devotee forgets food in the memory of God, such fasting is real. But, people are fasting by taking alternative tiffins which are more qualitative and energetic having more taste than ordinary food! Therefore, Datta is not cutting your worldly bonds.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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