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Datta cuts the worldly bonds and gives the problems


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Datta cuts the worldly bonds and gives the problems

Datta (God in human form) is not cutting your worldly bonds. Due to your attachment to Datta, the worldly bonds are dropped as subsequent consequences. There is no effort in the destruction of worldly bonds. When you are tasting some better drink, the coffee is naturally dropped. Such natural drop is the real detachment. The detachment should be natural without any effort. If the detachment is with effort, you are pained. Now, when you are detached from the world spontaneously without effort you are not pained, but others are pained seeing you. In the minds of others, you are thought to be the looser. Therefore, Datta is thought to be the trouble giver in the minds of others and not in your mind. When you drop the coffee by drinking the divine nectar, others think that the divine nectar is cutting your bond with the coffee and thus the divine nectar is the trouble shooter. But, the divine nectar is not the trouble shooter in your view. Thus, Datta is the trouble shooter in the view of the public but not in the view of the devotee.


Thus, the saying that ‘Dattam chinnam’, which means that Datta cuts the worldly bonds and gives the problems is valid in the view of the ignorant public only and not in the view of the devoted spiritual aspirant. The very word Krishna means the process of rubbing or grinding or cutting the worldly bonds. The bonds of Gopikas were cut by Krishna and Gopikas were losers in the view of the villagers of Brundavanam. Gopikas lost the butter and were losers in the view of the public. But, in the view of Gopikas, who were the ancient sages, they were the top most gainers. Therefore, the concept depends on the angle of the view.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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