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The absolute truth & proof of existence


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The absolute truth & proof of existence


The absolute truth is the knowledge about the absolute God and that is that God is unimaginable. This is the knowledge given by God to Sun, which is passed to Nachaketa through Saturn through Yama. Yama told that angels and sages have concluded that God cannot be understood in anyway. The practical proof for the existence of unimaginable God, the reason for God is unimaginable and the logic in the creation of universe from the unimaginable God are the three stages in the spiritual knowledge of the absolute unimaginable God. The proof for the unimaginable God is the existence of genuine miracles, which are the unimaginable events.


A true scientist must accept the truth and recognize the existence of real unimaginable events called as miracles, which are clearly different from the magic show. If you fail in the first phase, there is no need of any further discussions with you. In such case you are blind with the bias and prejudice of treating every miracle as magic show. The existence of false does not mean that there is no truth and everything is false. God is giving miraculous powers even to evil people so that the miracles are propagated in large scale. The punishment of misuse of these powers is a different angle. The other angle is propagation of these miracles in large scale so that everybody recognizes the existence of unimaginable entity through these events. Everybody is experiencing these miracles in the life period, but some are not recognizing these miracles in the genuine perspective.


A miracle establishes the existence of unimaginable nature through the imaginable items. Krishna is an imaginable tender boy. The huge mountain is also an imaginable item. The lifting of one object by other object is also imaginable work. With the help of all these imaginable entities, the unimaginable aspect of lifting the huge mountain by a tender small boy is established. This is unimaginable because no tender boy is able to lift a mountain. These miracles establish the source as the unimaginable entity called as God. The conclusion is that the unimaginable God exists in the imaginable tender boy called as Krishna only and not in any other human being.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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