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The process of creation of imaginable space from the unimaginable God


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The process of creation of imaginable space from the unimaginable God


Even if the space or universe disappears, the unimaginable God must be left over. Even if the pot is destroyed the mud is left over. The process of creation of this imaginable space or universe from the unimaginable God must be also unimaginable. The reason is that the process of generation of one imaginable item from another imaginable item is imaginable as we observe in the worldly processes like generation of pot from mud. In fact, space is subtle energy and is something. It is not vacuum which is nothing. Hence there is nothing like nothing.


The space bends around the boundaries of the object as per special theory of relativity. Nothing can bend. Something only bends. In Veda it is said that God created space in the beginning and in the same Veda it is also said that God created energy in the beginning. There is no contradiction because space is energy. All this is the spiritual knowledge about the absolute unimaginable God. This is the Brahma Jnana in nutshell.



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