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High form of worship & low form of worship of God


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High form of worship & low form of worship of God

God is worshipped in two ways. The first way is the direct worship of God when He comes down in human form. The second way of worship of God is the worship of statues and photos, which are the representative models of God. The first way is direct high form of worship. The second way is the indirect low form of worship. In any type of worship, if selfishness is absent and if the worship is the service without any selfish desire, such worship is pure worship. If the worship is with a desire, it is impure worship. Blessed souls worship God in human form with absolute purity.


Hanuman worshipped Rama and Gopikas worshipped Krishna in this way of high form of pure worship. If you worship statues and photos of God with desire, such worship is low form and impure also. In this low impure worship, the fruits of your service do not reach God and reach the undeserving priests. If the human form of God is not available, you worship the deserving devotees with pure service. God is more pleased in this way, because God loves His deserving devotees more than Himself. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa worshipped the statue of Kaali, but without any selfish desire. By this way, he is advising the people, who are doing low form of worship to make it at least pure. The pure low form of worship is certainly better than the impure low form of worship.



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