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The fruits of your work are in the hands of God


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The fruits of your work are in the hands of God

You should work hard and do your duties to the best of your sincerity. You should only detach from the fruits realizing that the fruits are in the hands of God and not in the law of mechanical system of work and fruits. When you are detached from the fruits through this faith, you are getting two advantages. The first advantage is that you are always energetic since your energy is conserved due to absence of excitement and depression. The second advantage is that you will develop devotion to God, which is not linked to any fruit. The life of devotion is this single point only, which is nothing but that you should not link the devotion to any type of fruit. The fruit should be neither of this world nor of the upper world. You should not love God for getting any fruit in this world or in the upper world. The fruit in the upper world is generally the protection from the hell. This fruit of the upper world is generally focused in the old age.


When the aspiration for fruit disappears, the devotion disappears in every human being and you will not find any devotee. As long as the aspiration for fruit exists, the devotion is a dead body only. When the aspiration for fruit disappears and the devotion still exists, such devotion is alive. For such alive devotion only God is captured. This is the only clue for capturing God. This stage should appear at least in the old age, when all the desires of this world almost get fulfilled. But, unfortunately, the desire for protection from the hell appears in the mind in the old age. Therefore, the devotion is always dead till the last breath of the human being. Shankara says that you should be detached from the fruits related to this world and the upper world also (Ihamutraphalaviragah).


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