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One should turn to present human form of God


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God is unimaginable. He is beyond space. We cannot define Him by worldly means. Such GOd comes to this world by entering the most deserving devotee existing at that point in the world. Such devotee is called Son of God. Thus God enters Son of God and the combination of Son of God and God is known as Human incarnation or Human form of God. Thus the human incarnation is a 2-in-1 system in which God and soul (of Son of God) exists in the same Human body. It is for the benefit of humanity that He is coming in human form, to preach divine knowledge and to uplift them. If God speaks from heaven tension and anxiety will be created and due to excitement people will not listen Him. Hence God comes in human form so that people can approach Him without any tension and fear. God is impartial and He comes down in human form in every human generation to preach and uplift human souls.


Example for Son of God are: Jesus, Krishna, Mohammad, Rama, Bhudha etc


The same God existed in them when GOD came at that point of time to the earth. Even after their time the corresponding followers consider them as God. And quarrel are happening, because each follower of each Son of God think that their God alone is God.


When Human incarnation is alive in this world, He is verily GOD since God exists in Him and preaches the divine knowledge. It is the God who speaks through the mouth of Son of God. It is like a current (God) in a live wire (Son of God). This is the only way to see the invisible God. By seeing Son of God who is alive now in this world , you have seen the invisible God. By serving the Son of God who is alive right now in this world, you have served the God directly. All the previous human incarnations when they were alive in this world contained the same God in them.


You have to search for the present alive Human form of God. PAST human incarnations are not with us. They came for mission of divine knowledge propagation and are now in upper world which are meant for departed souls not for us.


For us we have the present human form of God. Present human form of God is identified from His divine knowledge. He preaches wonderful divine knowledge which no body else can preach.


Foolish people are unnecessarily quarrelling about the previous human incarnations who are dead. They quarrel each other without knowing the truth that same God existed in them (past human forms) all. These fanatics do not realise that the same God is present in the present human form of God now in this earth. One has to put effort to find Him out. His identity mark is His true divine knowledge which comes out of His mouth spontaneously.

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