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God is pleased with purity of our devotion alone


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God is pleased with purity of our devotion alone

God’s grace and our selfishness

The only one point that hinders the fall of God’s grace on you is the instantaneous desire of the human being, which is always directed towards selfish end. The love on God is expressed as devotion by most of the human beings. The intensity of the devotion of these devotees is also of very high order. You are thinking that the intensity of devotion is going to decide the generation of God’s grace.


You think that the highest intensity of the devotion will bring the highest fruit from God. God is not pleased with the intensity of the devotion. He is pleased only by the purity of devotion. Purity means lack of any trace of desire in the direction of selfishness. The moment you think about your need from God, the impurity of devotion begins. As long as you think about the need of God from you, your devotion remains pure. Of course, God does not need any thing from any body. But this point is hidden by the tactics of God by which the need of God is created and appears clearly before you.

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