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Impure Vs Pure devotion to God


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Impure Vs Pure devotion to God


The devotion of demons shows wonderful depth and intensity.


Ravana cuts all his heads and offers as flowers to the lotus feet of the Lord. Kannappa, the devoted hunter plucks his eyes to be offered to God. One can be alive without eyes, but not without head. Hence, Ravana should be a greater devotee than Kannappa. But, the truth is otherwise. Ravana cannot stand even at the feet of Kannappa. The reason is that Kannappa plucked his eyes without any aspiration in return. Ravana offered his heads to please God in order to get some selfish boons. The sacrifice of Ravana is far high than the sacrifice of Kannappa. But, the devotion of Ravana is impure and the devotion of Kannappa is pure. Arjuna used God in his service. But, Hanuman used himself in the service of God. God is pleased with Hanuman and therefore Hanuman is having several temples in which he is worshipped as God. There is no single temple for Arjuna, who is never worshipped as God. Arjuna worshipped God for his selfish victory. Hanuman worshipped God by participating in the war for the victory of God.

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