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Service to God and our selfishness


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Service to God and our selfishness


Any body can get the divine order of appointment at any time from God but the order gets cancelled and you are dismissed from the service as soon as the selfishness enters you. Sadhana is only a chain of orders of appointment and orders of ousting from the divine service. Awareness of self is selfishness and awareness of other selves is sacrifice that pleases God. He will be aware of your self as long as you are not aware of your self and aware of other selves.


Forgetting your self is not the final stage because even a stone is not aware of itself. You should be aware of others because you are the embodiment of awareness as living being. The school of Advaita believes in self awareness only. They believe that such self awareness is the ultimate end. Hence, there is no selfishness in such state. Selfishness means the desire to achieve some fruit by the self. When the achievement of self itself is the highest fruit, there is no opportunity for selfishness to achieve something for he sake of self. In this way this acts as a psychological way for destruction of selfishness. Though selfishness is avoided in this way, ego enters, since the false concept that self is God is retained. Ego is a branch of selfishness and hence in this state also the selfishness exists in hidden form. There is no problem if the concept is correct.


God is praised as the ruler of selves (Atmeshvaram…) and therefore cannot be any self. God is beyond even unseen and unknown items. Today self is known as a special work form of inert energy called as nervous energy and it is even seen through sophisticated scientific instruments in the form of waves of energy. For ordinary people, the self is unknown in all the times. Till the scientific instruments are developed self was unseen. Gita also says that self can be seen by scholars through extraordinary vision (Pashayanti Jnanachakshushah). Veda says that God can never be seen (Nachakshushaa) and can never even be imagined (Namedhayaa..). The so called unknown items in the world become known through some special efforts in course of time. Similarly, the so called unseen items may be seen through special instruments.

At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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