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God is unseen and unknown forever


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God is unseen and unknown forever


God is unseen and unknown forever. Hence, God is beyond even the so called unseen and so called unknown items. The atomic structure in a stone is not seen without microscope and is not known to ignorant human being at any time. God is not only beyond this stone but also is beyond the unseen and unknown atomic structure. Similarly the inert energy in all the forms of matter is unseen and unknown. God is beyond even this entire inert cosmic energy. Even the space is a form of entire cosmic energy and hence God is beyond even the space. Therefore, God is always unseen and unknown. You can only know the existence of unknown God even in the human incarnation. In the case of the human form of the God, not only the internal soul is unimaginable God, but also the external body also is unimaginable God as said in Veda (Antarbahishcha…).


The tender petty body of Krishna uplifted the huge mountain and therefore the external body of Krishna is also unimaginable God. In the case of all other human beings, even the internal soul is not God because the soul is just a special work form of inert energy only. You cannot compare even the internal soul of human being to even the external body of human incarnation because even the internal soul of any human being cannot lift the mountain. You may say that Ravana could lift the mountain but still Ravana is not God. Ravana also lifted the mountain due to induced power of God in his body. Therefore, during such process the unimaginable power of God only lifted the mountain.


The induction of God’s power in Ravana was temporary and limited to that event only. The expression of unimaginable divine knowledge in the form of Gita is a standing proof for the eternal existence of God in Krishna. The unimaginable divine knowledge itself is not a characteristic of God but it is the inseparable associated characteristic of God by which alone God can be identified (Jnanitvatmaiva…Gita).


At Thy Lotus Feet His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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