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The main culprits opposing spiritual growth


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The main culprits opposing spiritual growth

However much knowledge or devotion you may have, unless your basic ego and jealousy are removed, there is no use of your knowledge and devotion. From the starting moment itself, your inner ego and jealousy are working in your self to find the opportunity to disprove your faith on the saint as God. You are praising the saint as God based on the probability for your protection here and there after death. Once you find that the saint is not God, you will be having lot of happiness and energy in your mind to scold the saint as a cheat.


The people, who abuse the false saints, are happy because they discovered the fact externally. But, they should be unhappy to discover the internal fact that they are happy because of their ego and jealousy on a co-human being. Such devotees can never be blessed by the contemporary human incarnation of God. The first step in the spiritual effort (Sadhana) is to eradicate ego and jealousy on the co-human beings and unless this achieved, all the knowledge and devotion are totally waste.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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