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The final indicating sign to recognize God in human form


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The final indicating sign to recognize God in human form

You are excited on realizing some body as God and you will not freely move with Him to clarify your doubts. On seeing the common external characteristics, your anxiety and excitement get neutralized so that you will freely mix with God thinking Him as a normal human being. This point is limited to God only. Every soul is affected by the characteristics and therefore, you being a soul should not imitate God. Recently, I heard that some Judge told that sex before marriage is not wrong as in the case of Radha and Krishna. Krishna lifted the huge mountain and let every body follow Krishna after lifting the mountain!


The same Krishna in the form of Rama practiced the way, which should be practiced by every human being. You should imitate Rama in practice and follow what Krishna said in Gita. Krishna showed the nature of God, which is untouched by any quality. Rama showed the nature of every human soul. Through Krishna, you should know God and through Rama you should know your self. Krishna was after married ladies (Gopikas) and Ravana was also after married ladies. Both lifted huge mountains. In fact, Ravana lifted a bigger mountain called Kailasha. Then, what is the difference between Krishna and Ravana? Both should be God as per the logic. Krishna lifted the mountain to protect the true devotees. Ravana lifted the mountain to exhibit his ego. Apart from this, Krishna preached wonderful knowledge in the form of Gita, which is the guide for any spiritual aspirant. Ravana did not preach so.


Therefore, the final indicating sign to recognize God in human form is only the infinite wonderful knowledge given by God. Hence, Vedas say that God is the true infinite knowledge and this means that you should recognize God by His true knowledge only in the ultimate filtration. The knowledge is also the characteristic of the medium only and can be treated as the characteristic of God due to its constant association. A married lady is recognized by the yellow thread in her neck and it can be treated as the original characteristic of the lady due to its constant association. Actually, God is unimaginable and no characteristic of God is imaginable.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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