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Veda says God alone is associated with true infinite knowledge


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Veda says God alone is associated with true infinite knowledge

Unless all the doubts are clarified, the right spiritual direction is impossible. Even in worldly affairs, right direction is the clue of successful achievement of the goal. The right spiritual direction is possible only through right knowledge. The right knowledge is possible only from God because God alone is the absolute truth. All the human beings are under the powerful influence of illusion and hence cannot give the right knowledge. The absolute truth is God and the entire creation including all the souls is just illusion only. No part of the creation will be able to find out the absolute truth, since the entire creation including souls is only relative reality, which is the effect of illusion. Hence, Veda says that God alone is associated with the true and infinite knowledge (Satyam Jnanam….).


The right spiritual direction cannot be obtained by any way other than right knowledge. By doing penance, by singing songs, by fasting, by chanting any mantra, by performing any ritual or worship etc., you cannot obtain the right direction. By studying the scriptures also it is impossible to get the right direction because confusion and doubts crop up. Unless God, the absolute reality and hence the knower of the absolute reality preaches you, you can never get the right direction. The absolute truth is beyond space and hence God alone is the absolute truth and also knower of the absolute truth.


Universal Spirituality for World Peace

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