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A saint is expected to propagate the divine knowledge


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A saint is expected to propagate the divine knowledge

A saint is expected to propagate the divine knowledge revealed by the human incarnation. He should never say that he is God. Even if such idea tempts, he should resist it as far as possible. In spite of maximum resistance, if he is forced to say that he is God, it is not his mistake. God must have temporarily entered him and such declaration is directly from God. God will take care of such statement and he need not worry about it. Even in the real and permanent human incarnation like Krishna (or any other like Jesus, Bhudha, Ram etc), God alone spoke Gita. Therefore, Vyasa named it as “Bhagavat Gita”, which means the Gita told by God. It is not named as Krishna Gita since Krishna did not tell it. Krishna is the second component (in the Human incarnation) or the liberated soul, which is ordinary human being only. God is the first component. Latter on Arjuna pressed him to reveal Gita again and that Gita called as AnuGita or Uttaragita is actually Krishna Gita. Krishna, as a scholar of Philosophy trained by the sage Sandipani revealed this Anugita, which did not become famous. All this happened only to show that God and Krishna (or Son of God) are the two components in the human incarnation. But, while preaching Bhavatgita also, only Krishna was speaking and separate God was not seen.


Here Krishna is the electrified wire. While preaching Anugita, Krishna was simple wire only without electricity. Both, the wires with and without electricity look similar to the unclothed eye. Only experience based on shrewd analysis can differentiate both. Lord Krishna showed all this to establish that a saint should behave as Krishna and not as God. Even if the devotees are addressing him as Swamiji due to ignorance, he should not take it in the real sense. He should be aware of himself in all the times. In order to avoid such false imitations, even the true incarnation hides itself behaving like an ordinary human being only in all the times.


Even the true human incarnation claims itself as a messenger revealing the knowledge from God like a mike of the speaker. The human being – component in Krishna told Arjuna that it will be impossible for him to reveal Bhavatgita again. Similarly, the human being – component in Jesus told that He is a messenger only. In Gita, the God-component in Krishna said that He is the almighty. Similarly, the God - component in Jesus said that He is the truth. Thus, you have to differentiate the two components separately by your sharp analysis as per the corresponding contexts.

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