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Sweat Box HiNRGY Dance Playlist for Friday July 2nd @ 10pm on WTNR Radio


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The SweatBox 7-02 @ 10pm on wtnrradio Catch

The Party Every Fridayin 2010@ 10pm on SweatBox on WTNRRADIO



Want more Box? Find every 2009 episode Here..


1. Dust in Gravity - Delerium ft Kreesha Turner ‘Nervo Remix

2. Cinderella Stereo - Plastik funk ft Lyck ;Orginal Vocal Mix’

3. In The Red Light - CJ Stone Ft Lyck

4. 03 - Britney Spears ‘Groove Police Club Mix’

5. Trouble Is - Turboweekend 'Tiesto Remix'

6. Damaged - Plummet ‘Club Mix’

7. Missing Silence - Delerium Vs EBTG 'Malibu Breeze Mashup'

8. Neon Music 2009 - Big Ali ‘DJ Snake Remix’

9. Naturally - Selena Gomez 'Dave Aude Club Mix'

10. I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry ‘DJ Bam Bam Mixin Marc Remix’

11. Love Games - Lady Gaga ‘Broken Sweat ‘Reflex Club Mix’

12. The Boy Does Nothing - Alesha Dixon ’Bimbo Jones Remix’

13. Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer’ - Freemason ft Sophie Ellis ‘club Mix’

14. Lady Bump - Offer Nissim ‘Victor Caldrone Club Anthem Mix’


WTNRRADIO's home page and changing your location-and

Party hours earlier OR to travel backwards! Enjoy!

Example: Its 10pm Friday night in China when it 10am

Friday morning in Washington DC or its 10pm in the UK

when its 5pm in WDC.)'Music For Music People'



The Sweat Box is produced by THE ZONE

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