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Stop the oil leak

Guest Rick Konter

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Guest Rick Konter

We can play the blam game later . OR stop the well leak now :::

It can't take 60 more days to review the posable fixes to stop the oil at the well head . Please pick a few NOW and just try them.

Here is just one

To stop the B P oil leak in the golf of Mexico

A 6 step repair that could be done in 2 weeks with local supplies.

Step 1: locate the biggest barges in the Mississippi delta

Step 2: call all ship yards for welders and steal sheets (normally used in ship yards in ship building.) Or a better meteral as needed.( Hard rubber sheets on solid rock.)

Step 3: weld or bolt the sheets to the sides of the barge going down into the water below the bottom of the barge several feet or more, around the outer edge of the barge. We should have enuf intell to contor and size of the sheets to fit the sea floor .This makes the barge a giant cookie cutter and the sea floor the doe the cutter will cut into.

Step4. While the welding (bolting) is in progress fill the barge with cement. (If the barge gets to heavy use flotation barges on all sides built the same way, to handle the extra weight and cover as much sea floor as needed.)If there is a well head height problem or BP can’t do this without getting there oil recovery system in place; weld the first 4 story recovery tower BP built, in the center of the barge complex.

Step 5: While the cookie cutter barge is being built, run grapples across the well head to clear any debris from where the cookie cutter barges will be sunk. And get the cables and ships ready to lower the cookie cutter in place.

Step 6: Pull the barges above the well head and with 2 boats attached at each corner {second corner ship is there for safety if a cable brakes}, flood all the barge flotation tanks as needed and sink the cookie cutter barges over the well head. The anchor ships can lower the cookie cutter directly over the well head. The oil flow is stopped. And if we need more weight; drop barges on top of the first barges

Now we can clean up the oil and save the golf. There are ways to do this also.

Note there are always nay Sayers that can and will say what if … to stop any project; but this CAN be done and the problems can be solved as the project goes forward.

Yours with hope, Please pass this or something on that will promote stopping the leak

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I think that is an outstanding idea, but I think the oil will leak out through the sides. The bottom is permafrost type of mud. The pressure is also enormous.

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