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Guest Keith Fimian

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Guest Keith Fimian

Hi, this is Keith Fimian, and I am running to serve as congressman in the 11th District. I’m writing today to ask for your support.




We are aggressively communicating our conservative message of creating jobs, stopping reckless spending, and holding the line on intaxes. This message is resonating with northern Virginians. The first poll of the race showed me defeating Gerry Connolly 40% to 35% and 43% to 28% among independent voters.


We have a large and comprehensive grassroots effort. We're already knocking doors and making phone calls, taking our message directly to the voters. Our supporters are identifying new supporters everyday, and we have more than double the number of Facebook supporters of Connolly.


Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli support my efforts to fix Washington.


Connolly Has Failed Northern Virginians


Gerry Connolly has no experience whatsoever creating jobs and no idea what is needed to get our economy back on track. And it shows in the votes he casts. Connolly supported job killing cap-and-trade legislation, President Obama’s trillion dollar healthcare takeover, the failed stimulus, $600 billion in tax increases and has indicated his support for card check. Connolly calls himself a 'deficit hawk' and 'pragmatic' but he has voted with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time!


Gerry Connolly’s liberal agenda is harming our economy and our future. His big government, tax-and-spend philosophy bankrupted Fairfax County and now it is bankrupting our nation.


Experienced Business Leader


I am a businessman who has created jobs here in Northern Virginia. As the Chairman and Founder of U.S. Inspect and as a former CPA, one of only a handful running for Congress, I will bring a business background and the know-how necessary to jump-start our economy and rein in the out-of-control spending in D.C.


I stepped up to run for Congress in a terrible environment in 2008 because no one else would. I stood for conservative principles--like balancing budgets and creating a environment favorable to job creation--when they weren't popular, and was attacked for it. But controlling the growth of government, and spending less and taxing less will help spur economic growth. You can count on me to stand up for these commonsense policies and our values whenever they are threatened.


I would be honored to have your vote and am available for any questions you might have about my campaign. Please email me at Keith@keithfimian.com

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