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Guest GFI

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Research by Global Financial Integrity (GFI) shows that developing economies are currently losing over US$1 trillion every year in illicit financial flows (or dirty money).


Additional GFI research demonstrates that this constitutes a loss of over US$100 million in tax revenue each year due to trade mispricing alone. Indeed, many countries are losing up-to-and-over 30% of government revenue due to their inability to collect tax on these illicit outflows. This has serious implications for poverty, human rights, economic development and national security in poorer countries. Increasing transparency in the international financial system would significantly curtail these flows, thereby giving these economies a chance to develop.


Watch our web video, “Who Suffers?” and add your voice to our petition (translated into the 6 UN languages) calling on the G20 to create financial transparency by clicking here.



Global Financial Integrity (GFI) promotes national and multilateral policies, safeguards, and agreements aimed at curtailing the cross-border flow of illegal money. In putting forward solutions, facilitating strategic partnerships, and conducting groundbreaking research, GFI is leading the way in efforts to curtail illicit financial flows and enhance global development and security.


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Guest Carlos

There are reports that it was dirty money that saved the world economy from disaster. Heads of drug cartels were given Carte Blanche access to major banks to wash their money. It is a symbiotic relationship. Maybe we should just legalize marijuana and let the government tax it. Debt gets paid and pot smokers are happy.

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