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Dish Network - Sucking every dime out of you!

Guest Linda C

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Guest Linda C

After wasting my money on their services for 2 years and spending an ungodly amount of time on the phone with their customer service department over billing errors, I canceled my service two days ago.


The last specific thing that motivated me to cancel was the following: I signed up for auto bill pay and in return I was to receive 3 months of HBO/Showtime for free. Upon receiving my next bill, the company had charged me the pro-rated amount for the movie promotion (for days until my next billing cycle) and then charged for another full month of service. When I called the customer service department to ask why I was being charged for my three months of free movies, they explained it was a system error. They told me to pay the full amount of my bill and they would credit the amount back to my account no later than the next billing cycle. (1 month later) In my mind that is borrowing my money for free for an entire month. They sure don't have a problem taking the money out of my account the moment I make a payment, but they're unable to credit back my money for a month?? What a crock.


Today I received a call from their sales department. When we answered the phone they hung up. I called back to inquire why they were calling and they couldn't give me a reason.


I asked them to email me an itemized billed showing all charges and prorated services so I could see the amount they would be refunding me. They said they could not email it. They said they could only send it USPS.


They told me that I would need to ship my equipment back to their company within 30 days of account cancellation or I would be billed the full amount for the equipment. ($500) They are sending my boxes to ship it back in. It takes up to 10 business days (14 week days or up to 16 week days depending on when you cancel your service). So, I theoretically have less time to send it back then they have to get the boxes to me. On top of it (which is not listed ANYWHERE on their website) they are charging me $15.00 to ship back their equipment. I'm PAYING them to cancel my service. I had a good mind to disassemble their equipment and ship it back in pieces.


The last woman I spoke to today provided me with her personal contact information. She told me that from now on I am supposed to call her in order to ask any questions. I guess they're finally fed up with me. I want to provide all of you with her number too:


SERENA EDWARDS: 720-514-8555 EXT: 52027


She was nothing but rude today. So, if you have questions, please feel free to inundate her with your requests. I'm SURE she'll appreciate all the calls...and so will I. Never again will I EVER use Dish Network

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Guest DC Danny

Hi Linda,


Another scam all these companies will try to perpetrate on you is after you send their equipment back they'll claim they never received it and send you a bill for $500 or more so you're best off writing down the serial numbers from the equipment and sending the crap back with a tracking number so you can confirm receipt.


Good luck.




PS I hate companies that try and nickel and dime you to death - too bad the BBB is about as effective as, well, nothing.

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