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McNabb to the Redskins


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I can't believe Philly trade D. McNabb to the Redskins. This is great for many reasons.


1. It means the Redskins won't draft Jimmy Clausen (Thank GOD)

2. It means the Redskins will hopefully draft OT Russell Okung of Oklahoma State

3. McNabb has taken his team to the playoffs almost every year

4. McNabb will want to crush Philly for letting him go

5. The Redskins finally have a proven quarterback that demands respect

6. Philly will lose about 3 games more with an inexperienced quarterback

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The Redskins will draft an OT and did pick up two o-line guys in free agency. Other teams in the league had horrible o-lines last year (Green Bay) but their quarterbacks adjested and got rid of the ball quicker. I like Jason Campbell but he takes too much time in the pocket and has a long throwing motion.

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McNabb is already establishing himself as the leader in the locker room for the Washington Redskins. As a life-long fan I have to be impressed by how quickly he is earning the respect of coaches and players in the organization. We haven't had a leader like this since J.Gibbs Era 1. Now we just have to figure out what to do with Fat Albert.

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